Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tell Me Secrets.


Heys! OMFG, this is Izzy's Blog. Jangan terkejut. Yes, She's totally Poyo Nak Ada Blog Juga Okay. Let This Girl story out something that are not too detail. I Know that some of you are not really that interested to know. Naa..Baca Je lah!

My Introduction : This is Me...Then Why? I Am Super great.Be Jealous!

I've been told by many that, I'm a great woman. But this was by people who didn't treat me great. I've ALWAYS been the rule, never the exception.Friendship has always been my goal for my foundation. Then comes attraction, intellect, humor, ambition, interests, being a good person, etc. All of those things are important to me. I've always wanted someone that was secure enough in themselves to trust in me, to be open enough to treat me well, because they knew they would get that in return. I say all this to say:

Looking back, I've never experienced this on a consistent, ongoing basis.

Sometimes you might not even know that a happiness just seeking for you for some purpose not for the real that you are deserve to.Don't Trust happiness, Just enjoy them.

Izzy Suka Berilusi.
Budak Ni Baru Belajar.
Kalau Salah Pepandai Dia lah.
Suka hati Lah!

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