Monday, October 25, 2010

Monolog to myself, i will keep saying this to myself!.

Dear Readers,

I had enough. To me, family is my biggest priority. Friends are more important than a guy. That's why I don't want to have a boyfriend at this time. But, i can really never know when someone who has enter my life and took away my heart. hahaha. What did you say? I am LAME? Blerghhh whatever. I just want to have the most perfect guy that I could ever ask for. That's why I chose not to fall in love easily with any guy. When the right time has come, I know he'll be here by my side. Cheesy much? XD I also want to save my first true love for the guy that I want to spend my entire life with. hahah omg , your life is not a movie with a happy ending like you saw on screen. Stop dreaming please :p But we can always hope for that, don't we? ;D

Who am I to talk about love? But here with fully English before i go for my first paper final exams, i would say this to myself. Seriously, you are more precious than you thought you were. He left you. He cheated on you. SO WHAT? Bastard manner. That showed how stupid he is. You don't deserve someone who treats you that way. And you should THANK him for doing that!

It's ok to cry if you got broken. But you gotta get rid of that feeling. You gotta get grip on yourself. Show him who's the boss. Show him that you can survive without him. I am sure one day, he will realize how big dummy he has been for living you for cheating on you and etc. Karma girls ;D What goes around will comes around.
You still got a long way to go.

Honestly saying this, i should give chances to myself to love someone who really deserve me. Not to the bullshits. High on girls! Aku boleh buat, takkan kau tak boleh? Yang penting jaga maruah dan permata sekian terima kasih.

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