Thursday, April 8, 2010

Atleast I'm virgin but you're not girl!

hey yeah baby, what are you looking at?

Dear readers,
On this hellful hot thursday, i'm just done my presentation even though too much critics from my honey Lecturer. Do i look like i care? Janji settle bro! Hah Okay, everything's done smoothly but there's no comment for those people yang terlalu cinta argue in every inches of me. Yes i'm beautiful if said so, there's nothing to do with you kan, jadi apa kau mahu? g la cari bapak ayam bodoh! Huh! Banyak pule masalah kau nak mengentot je kerja.

Too much attractive activities! My god exams just around the corner. Boleh tak kau focus jap Izzy?

"---------Yeah baby you need to quit thinking so highly about yourself and your belongings dear. You're not special at all lah jangan dok perasansetanbabi k? I hate you and your story just give me a seconds to say "FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!"..
Go and turn the fuck around bring along your Forex Condom in your closet and get fuck each other both of you! Huh! Im glad i'm virgin!---------"


Awwww, I'm touched!
Do I Look Like I care? Yes i am!
Because you're too caring about me i dislikes so much!
Suka HatiLah!

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