Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why are they a lot of insecure people around me? sheesh.

Dear Readers,

Weh, I wrote a loooong post about all the shit that ive been hating lately, macam marah betul aku tapi tak sebenarnya, saja psycho sampai ada yang heartbreak ahaha but i decided against it. Jangan lah bergaduh dengan aku sebab aku menyampah bergaduh, The one who termakan chili tu so sorry okay, i am so dislikes of you. This is my blog and i have the right to state whatever bitch statement here, because the blog macam the bits and the pieces of my life, so-ah, okay kan dengan kau?

I am quite bitchy look alike and straightforward, and honest, sometimes i do 'ter'go over the line with my sarcastic comments, but thats usually around people who are really close to me only. Im usually polite and friendly with people I just met. (excluding people who kiss ass and if i sense insincerity in them) I try to stay away from people who are TOO nice and friendly because it feels fake to me. anyway, back to the topic, so when im face to face with people like this, i usually just smile and keep quiet and i don't know what to do.

About my guy, people make assumptions about my relationship with Azne and they are usually wrong. Nobody really knows what's going on on the inside. No one can. Most of them think i'm queen control. Which i'm not. Really. I may seem like it. but im not. I usually just like to ACT like i'm jealous, or make a big deal about something...but deep down inside, im really NOT THAT jealous.. maybe a bit, tapi my actions is usually exaggerate. Well, actually tak lah, aku just love to overact jealousy, it is kind of game for fun lah sayang, i suka buat you jealous. Err, we did it the same way, and he was also did the same thing. Dua kali lima. Only that since I'm the more outspoken one people assume i'd be the psycho one. Oy, jangan judge buku dari kulit unless if the books have no cover then should be okay.

Here we go, i am 22 this year and i haven't achieved anything in my wishlist, i mean the major part. Sial, whataya want from me dear Destiny?????

And, lantak lah those insecure people, i don't care, i have a fruitful life now. Jangan kacau, nak kacau boleh. BOLEH BELAH.

But-ahh, After all, life is all about being happy with your loved ones, isn't it? :)
And, i Love you and thanks for supporting my business dear Azne, hehe :D

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farah ashikin said...

pejam mate n tutup telinga je..

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