Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I tell you why must have "sometimes" in life.

Dear Readers,

It's better to love someone you can't have than have someone who doesn't know your worth. Rasa macam nak nyanyi lagu "You are the only exception" banyak-banyak kali sekarang. I miss you real bad. Even satu hari tak jumpa macam celaka rindunya.

Everything about you fascinating me. Dan sometimes this situation happens so many times, only you did not realized it. I am jealous every time you mention about "her". Kadang-kadang ego itu sangatlah penting demi menjaga maruah diri. So i prefer to keep silence. And let go with the flow. Okay tipu, aku trauma. Habis cerita.

Sometimes, something are better not being told off.
It doesn't mean it is a secret. Just let us keep it alone and peace shall be remain.
Sometimes, it is better to keep quiet.
It doesn't mean you are not friendly or a big-headed smug.
Sometimes, it is better for people to stay alone.
Alone doesn't really means lonely. It gives the person a wide space to really think their outermost priority in life.
Sometimes, we have to put ourselves in front.
There are no intend on being a selfish, but it is important to do what matter the most without damaging one's

Sometimes, something are better left behind.
Moving on and letting go doesn't mean it is being forgotten forever.
Sometimes, it is better to have high hope.
But don't just dream and do nothing, as you will never move anywhere.
Sometimes, it is better to put down the hate and envy.
It makes you feel better and you will have less thing to worry.
And sometimes, we need to give ourselves and other people a chance
A chance to be better and stronger for the future..

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