Friday, November 26, 2010

You are the only exception

Dear Readers,

I am currently suffering from a condition known as SMS.
They said it is not pretty serious and it can be cure.
I should not be worried right?
Ouh btw, the SMS stands for
Seriously Missing Someone
Could it be you?

If you don't like the road that you are walking, start paving another one. Everything in life is an options. Options is not all positive, it can be sometimes beyond of everything. Everything happens for a reasons, there must be a reasons and benefits. For me, i am dealing with God, if i do a good thing, i accept the good one, and also vice versa.

I miss my people, my fav babe Ariey, Haidil and Epy, you are the only exception. Mmuahh!

Love, Izzy Adlina.


SyaZ wAn said...

waaah,,,,,,,mkn coklat byk2 la ko ni.....wakakakaaa

Izzy said...

aiiii, aku plak makan choc???? bukan kau ke bai??

~ar!eyko san~ said...

damnnn...miss u alot..jgn degil2 mkn ubt.

Izzy said...

damn! miss a lot too babyyyy!!!!! i tak degil janji!

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