Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kompius Tapi Kompem

Dear Readers,

I wonder if people see what I feel displayed on my face. I wonder what they see when they look at or into my eyes. Do they see the anger, the hurt, all the emotions I choose not to reveal? Or do they see nothing more than a girl who looks angry, confused or indifferent? Do they just see their own reflection? Why do I even wonder about these things? Ridiculous. The fact is, i am still here to find out the courage to keep going. I am already make a decision, so take a risks. Go find it. Izzy you are loser LOL. I know but i just don't care anymore. Haih =.='

LOSER selalunya tak akan senyum selebar ini, aku tahu.

Dia akan senyum se-sweet ini, you go girl, take a risks! Make some love!

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